About me

     Drawing has been my passion for a long time, always makes me happy. I have a master’s degree in Faculty of Animal Sciences and my great love for animals led to them being mainly on my drawings. In the beginning there was only the graphite pencil, black and white pictures, contrast. I currently try to widen the subject of my artwork and also use various techniques. I put emphasis on the balanced composition, high quality of used materials and perfection of the end result.

I create the portraits of people and pets in pencil, pastels, coloured pencils, in white pencil on black paper, and also landscapes and flowers in watercolour and coloured pencils.

Please have a look at "Gallery" where you can find my  artworks.

If you are interested in ordering a portrait, please feel free to contact me.

    The world of wildlife, interesting shots of animals, expression of the eyes, all breeds and colours, sweet muzzles and bared teeth, admirable views, beauty of flowers and even insects. These are things that inspire me.

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  • Horse in pastel pencils 30x40cm, 450 PLN

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