Commissions of pet portraits

Pet portraits can be a a precious thing for pet owner and family and also a great way to commemorate the beloved pet. It can be also an original gift for pet lover. It is possible to create the portrait in the technique chosen by client so that it will suit the house decoration perfectly.

I treat every single portrait individually. The colour, softness and length of the animal coat are very important traits that I try hard to display on the paper, but the main thing I focus on is the eyes expression. It must be “vivid”.

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  • Tabby cat, pastel portrait, 24x30cm, 300PLN
  • Biała kredka, portret Chodsky Pes, 21x30cm, 180zł

Commission a portrait from a photograph

If you would like to order a portrait from a photograph you need to send me the following via email:

  •    a high resolution photograph
  •    a declaration of deposit payment which is 15% of portrait price*, it automatically books in the nearest available time slot to make a portrait for you

For the best portrait I need a high-resolution photograph taken in natural daylight. It is also important to keep the right proportions of the human face or the head of the pet in the photograph. Photographed objects tend to become distorted when not in the centre of the focus.

Firstly, a photograph of a finished portrait is sent to you by email. Then the portrait is securely packed and sent via postal service for next day delivery.

* by receiving the deposit, I guarantee that your order will be processed within the agreed deadline.

The example of a good photograph:

The example of a bad photograph:

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