Please be invited to cooperate in the below areas: 
  • designing patterns for wallpapers, curtains, bedlinens
  • floral backdrops for artistic portrait photography
  • illustrations for botanical and animal books, albums and books for children,
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  • Watercolours, The curious bunny, 24x30cm, 180PLN

Special commissions

I specialise in high-detailed, realistic portraits. But apart from this I am ready to take special orders according to your specification:

  • I will paint the watercolour landscape from your favourite holiday photo, that will remind you the beautiful moments from the vacation
  • I will draw the colourful illustrations of animals, butterflies or flowers that will be the perfect decoration for your kid's room
  • I will paint any other picture, that will go perfectly with your interior design.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I do not charge for order evaluation.

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